Murphy's Law

The good news is ‘soon’ is now here! We are so excited to remove the “Blog Coming Soon” note.

Being in engagement season, we feel it only fitting to kick this blog off with a reflection of our experiences so far with speaking to couples about hiring a day of coordinator for their upcoming wedding. Over 300 conversations later, we have heard it all! Every reason why you do NOT need to hire a day of coordinator. Well…we are here to tell you why you SHOULD! Not just because we are awesome, but to help you avoid that common wedding regret.

When the big day comes, why do brides wish they had a coordinator? For many reasons, but we’ll share a few we have experienced so far: to handle all guest and vendor questions, to complete those last minute details, to fix those little things that WILL inevitably go wrong, to make sure the flowers at the ceremony are in place, to lay the runner, to place the centerpieces exactly where you wanted them, to coordinate and ensure champagne is popped BEFORE those amazing toasts, and most of all, so the above list doesn’t fall on parents, siblings, and best friends. Doesn’t that sound better?

You can read Martha Stewart Weddings, Bride & Groom, or Brides Magazine and they will provide checklist upon checklist for couples planning their own wedding. Then you add Pinterest and wedding websites and there is definitely no shortage of self-help tools. The question is, who ensures all that hard work and all those details come to life on your wedding day? Who ensures your focus is on the celebration, your partner, and your family? Again, your answer shouldn’t be mom, your best friend, an aunt, or your sister. Those VIPs all have other very important duties - celebrating, experiencing, and embracing this special event with you, not working. So who then? Your coordinators do! That’s our job! Our job is to be your vendor liaison, bring your vision to life, tie last minute details together, handle the crises (Murphy’s law, there will be crises) and reduce wedding day stress. Our goal as coordinators is to let our professional experience enhance you and your guest’s event experience. After all that hard work, the cost of not having a coordinator could be more than having one!

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