Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

Deciding on a venue is a huge milestone for couples in the wedding planning process. It’s the first piece of your wedding vision, and serves as a foundation for your details to build on. After choosing your venue, in most cases, couples will move forward working with a venue coordinator to nail down the contract at the venue. Let’s stop here… something very important to understand is a venue coordinator is NOT the same as a wedding coordinator most simply because they perform different functions. As coordinators, we often hear “Thank you, but our venue has a coordinator” when asking couple’s if they have a wedding coordinator. Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to tell you venue coordinators and day of coordinators are very different, but we also want to give you a few notable reasons why. Most venue coordinators will ask you, who will be your day of coordinator? In some cases, venues require you to have and list one. “I don’t have one” is not an option and honestly, it shouldn’t be mom, a bridesmaid or the maid of honor. They have other roles to fill that day and want to enjoy the momentous occasion as with you. To be clear, as wedding coordinators we love venue coordinators. They are an added bonus to the wedding planning and execution process, and we love and appreciate working with them!

Why should you hire a day of coordinator outside of the venue? Here are a few notable reasons why:

1 ) Venue coordinators work for the venue; Wedding Coordinators work for YOU!

Venue coordinators are responsible for everything concerning the venue. They help coordinate the food, alcohol, tables, chairs, room layout, cocktail hour arrangement and more. Their main job is to execute the contract you and your finance signed outlining the specifics of your wedding. The venue coordinator is there to take care of the venue and not you. Some venue coordinators are available to help you with a few extra details, but this only means they are going above and beyond, as this is not their job. They should not be your go to person for ensuring the photographer shows up on time and your DJ knows where to set up at the reception. Their involvement with outside vendors can vary and they will be working all of the weddings at that venue, possibly multiple that night. On the contrary, wedding coordinators are there for you! They are responsible for ensuring all your details, last minute items, and wish list items are executed as envisioned and planned, from start to finish. Period. Day of coordinators are there to handle everything - décor set up, calling your florist or DJ should they not arrive on time, putting out special pieces, managing the timeline, clean up, guest interactions, and more!

2) Venue Coordinators leave early; Wedding Coordinators are the last to leave.

Venue coordinators manage the venue perfectly on your big day.They ensure everything in your venue contract is executed how you have paid for it. As the last detail of the contract is usually the cake cutting, most venue coordinators tend to leave after the cake has been fully cut - their job has been performed! Wedding coordinators are responsible for assisting with all aspects of the wedding– hotel, transportation, the rehearsal, wedding party preparation, the ceremony, reception details, wedding favor arrangement and ensuring your gifts, and personal items aren’t left behind at the end of the night.We typically leave after the last guest has left, checking that nothing is forgotten and everyone has a safe ride home. We are there to assist if the bar starts to close down early, your bustle busts, or you lose your lucky lip gloss for those special pictures. Weddings are fast paced, unpredictable, and complex to execute. We learn what you want, take on the unique tasks, and will be there until the very end. We are team bride all the way!

3) Venue Coordinators have high turnover; Wedding Coordinators are yours guaranteed!

Most couples book a venue about a year out from their wedding date. There is no guarantee that the person you booked your wedding date and contract details with, will be there on your wedding date. Venues tend to have high turnover for coordinator positions.This means details mentioned when booking could get lost with the next person you work with. On the other hand, when you book your wedding coordinator, you are booking with that company and that/those coordinators – you know exactly who will be helping you on your wedding day and what to expect.Your wedding coordinator will know you, all your details, and will be with you from day one to happily ever after!

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