Wedding Planning - You Can't Do it Alone!

Being engaged and planning a wedding is a very exciting time, but spoiler alert - wedding planning can be stressful! Doesn’t matter what type of planner you are –love planning, hate planning, want to control everything, or can’t get enough help – elements of the planning process are stressful. There are lots of “to dos,” making it hard to trust help knowing many decisions need to be made. Tackling major milestones early ensures the process will remain stress free, you won’t second guess decisions, and if done right, planning will be fun and completed on time. In this article, we help identify helpful tips for successful planning and delegation!

Make planning a priority: Rome wasn’t built in a day! Similarly all your wedding planning won’t happen at once. Make planning a priority and take measurable steps to completing your planning. You have a lot of priorities in life - work, bills, and family, but once you kick off wedding planning, be sure to add planning to your priority list. It is important to start considering dates and venues early to understand your potential timeline. There are numerous planning tools available and all are full of very helpful tips and checklists. We suggest you review and consider one vendor at a time, setting and managing the major milestones. The top vendors to book early include DJ, photographer and coordinator. Plan to accomplish a few things each week and celebrate milestones, big decisions, and small completed tasks!

Delegate! Don’t expect you can do it all, you are only one person. Most brides-to-be find giving up control of wedding-related tasks hard. We get it! It can be tough to trust anyone else with your carefully thought out and detailed vision. Decide what's most important to you. This is true of wedding planning in general, but especially so when you're looking to hand off some planning responsibilities. First and foremost, you and your fiancé should come up with a list of three to five priorities that you absolutely can't imagine letting anyone else handle. If choosing the wedding flowers is something that ranks highly with you, don't delegate it. Similarly, if you know you don't care too much about stationery, let your mom, mother-in-law, or sister scour the internet, then provide you with a short list based on photos and reviews.

Ask for help: Friends and family love to be part of the wedding planning process! As you look at your ever-growing to-do list, you learn planning a wedding is no easy feat. Don’t do it alone, but also don’t be afraid to call up your loved ones and see if they can lend a hand. The moment that looking at dresses, floral arrangements, and tasting cake flavors starts to feel like chore, it is a sign you should consider bringing in the rest of the crew to help. The most important rule of delegation is to let those around you know exactly what you need. Consider hiring a coordinator. They are there to support you and execute your vision. They will also help you focus on the big-picture and handle the small details for you. If receiving a short list of highly qualified vendors in each category, having someone to review and handle all vendor contracts, and manage the wedding day schedule sounds like a huge relief, a coordinator is well worth the expense! You want to enjoy the journey to your big day, not look back on stressful moments!

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