To Look or To Not Look?

No matter what your style is, every bride wants that “moment” with their partner and soon to be spouse. We all desire those precious moments when eyes lock and body language says how much they love you without even saying a word. For some brides, that moment comes once the doors open at the church and the groom locks on his bride for the first time. For others, it is a private moment, away from all the guests and wedding party. That moment when the groom sees his bride in her wedding gown for the first time and the bride relishes in the intimacy of sharing that special gaze. No way is right, wrong, better or worse and it is all based on couple preference. As you make your decision, below are 5 reasons to consider doing a First Look:

  1. Your photographer won’t miss the moment :Your photographer will be totally focused on you, your private moment, and your journey until you meet. Your photographer will be in perfect position to catch that intimate moment when you see each other for the first time on the wedding day. First looks are very helpful when you only have 1 photographer.

  2. Unique, beautiful, and intimate photos: You will get photos that aren’t as easily captured with a traditional reveals. That moment when the groom locks eyes on his bride for the first time. Capturing the couples’ reaction for a traditional aisle way entrance is extraordinary and unforgettable but with a first look this intimate and vulnerable moment will be between just the two of you, wherever you choose, and for as long as desired.

  3. Extra time and space to share a kiss, a hug and a few words: You get to do what you can’t at the ceremony; kiss, hug, and embrace each other during this moment. With a traditional reveal, this tender gestures happen after the ceremony. The officiant proceeds into the ceremony without stopping – as long as the groom is still standing! Either way the excitement, surprise, and breath taking moment is captured, but only with a first look can the bride and groom share a physical private moment.

  4. Breathe together before the busy day: Once the day begins, wedding days don’t allow for much alone time. Choosing to do a First Look will allow you and your partner a few moments of solitude. Your wedding day will fly by, these quiet moments help couples stay present, connected, and focused on the joy and meaning of the day.

  5. Superstitions or traditions are not your thing: We often hear “Is it bad luck to see each other before the wedding?” or “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?” The answer to both is, no way! There is no right or wrong way for sharing that first look on your wedding day. Traditionally, couples share that special moment at the ceremony for all to witness and embrace but whatever is special to you, do it! If you don’t believe in “bad luck,” then you are in luck, a First Look may be for you!

Not every bride will want a First Look and that is ok. There are plenty of reasons to do a traditional ceremony first look and share that special moment walking down the aisle, and plenty reasons to plan a First Look. The most important thing is it’s what YOU want as a couple. Whatever is special, important, and memorable for you… do it! It’s your day!

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