25 Things You Miss

Considering hiring a wedding coordinator? We think that’s a great idea! If not, below are the top 25 things you DON'T get when you forego booking a coordinator. Ek!

1. Peace of mind for the bride and groom knowing everything is professionally covered.

2. Assistance with finalizing, coordinating, and communicating with all vendors.

3. Someone to keep track of your timeline and ensure the night proceeds with all key milestones while you enjoy every minute.

4. A team to prevent/mitigate all small issues and problems so they don’t become big ones.

5. Recommendations of other trusted and attentive vendors to assist on your wedding day.

6. Support coordinating all details and timelines with all hired vendors.

7. Someone to ask you all the small but very important questions, especially ones you didn't think of!

8. Reassurance for families that they get to enjoy the wedding day, work free!

9. Reliable support for setting up all ceremony decor to include chairs, programs, archways, and alters.

10. Support ensuring your vision and theme are executed throughout the entire wedding.

11. Assistance to the photographer to ensure they capture all important moments and events.

12. Oversight of all deliveries from vendors confirming they occur and are delivered on time.

13. Professional partnership with the venue coordinator guaranteeing tables are set up on time and venue staff executes setup correctly.

14. Assistance with complete set up of cocktail hour and reception decorations prior to the start of the cocktail hour (includes all decorations, paper items, favors and more)

15. Expert advice for developing floor plans to best utilize venue space and include all necessary tables – guests, cake, DJ, gift/cards, etc

16. Help remembering small personal items to include to make the day special (cake cutter/server, any special pictures, special necklace, etc)

17. Final break down of all areas while newlyweds, friends, and family continue to celebrate the day!

18. Confidence knowing all personal items are boxed and brought home by designated person (coordinator or family member) - including decorations, bouquets, cake toppers, etc.

19. Clean up services in some instances where a formal venue staff isn't present.

20. Gathering of all gifts and cards for a friend or family member for transport at the end of the event

21. Professional advice and guidance to the bride and groom throughout the process!

22. Experts in wedding execution to help with little things that matter – processional order, toast timing, timeline development, reception entrance order, and more!

23. Information on wedding formalities and etiquette - addressing invitations appropriately, properly labeling escort cards, etc.

24. Experienced bustlers - believe me we have seen many bustles types!

25. A well-stocked emergency kit bag to ensure all items and needs can be taken care of wedding day! (this includes hair spray, deodorant, dry shampoo, extra bobby pins, waters, gum, mouthwash, tide pens, curling iron, tampons, safety pins, and SO much more)

So in conclusion….don’t forget to book a coordinator today! We would LOVE to help on your special day. Remember we are Completely Coordinated - so you don't have to be!

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