Community not Competition

A good friend of ours once said “Create community not competition.” and those powerful words have stuck with us. At Completely Coordinated we believe in community not competition. With that, let me be clear, we enjoy competition, and striving to grow, but, we also love and value community. As people, we are wired to be social, and not meant to operate in this world alone. In the work we do, we feel the relationships we build with our clients and network matter more than the opportunity or desire to take in more profit. For us, it is about finding those couples with wedding day coordination needs, and serving them in the most professional and thorough way. We want to ensure we can enrich their wedding day through our services, network, and expertise.

Our desire to build community within our industry to better assist our couples comes before winning business and fighting against other wedding vendors. We feel strongly about this and here is why:

1. We Believe Relationships Matter. We strive to find couples we look forward to working with, and our hope is that clients will feel as excited to work with us. We put our customers first and work hard for their big day. We are not about beating out others for future clients just to have more business. We value the relationship more than anything. When choosing us, we want our clients to feel comfortable, not pressured, when booking, and understand all the benefits we bring. After the wedding day, we want our couples to walk away feeling valued, and like they would hire us all over again if they could do it over! Because of this, we realize we are not the perfect fit for every couple as our services vary and the relationship we build in the first meeting is important. We often tell couples we meet, even if it’s not us, hire a wedding coordinator! We are passionate about the service we provide. If we aren’t the perfect fit, we know other service providers that might be!

2. We Believe in Friendly Competition. We believe friendly competition is good. Competition creates a market where the couples that seek out our services can compare their needs and budgets across multiple providers. This ensures couples are getting what they need/want, for a price that is fair. Competition results in better prices and better service options to meet a couple’s needs. A competitive market holds vendors and venues accountable to truly be professional, and honor their commitments, and it also motivates vendors to set reasonable prices and not take advantage of their clients. This healthy competition drives us as wedding vendors to be better at our craft, deliver exceptional experience, set reasonable prices, and ultimately provide great value to our couples!

3. We Believe in Building a Network. We want to represent this idea of community by constantly growing our network and strengthening our relationships. We find that having a wider and deeper network of vendors, and constantly looking to expanding our network, ultimately benefits our couples! We believe that no matter what profession you are in, or the services you provide, there is room for community and shared success. We encourage vendors to promote other businesses, and refer similar business when booked up. We also emphasis the importance of communication across vendor types – what works, what doesn’t, what issues can we all learn from? Everyone wins when the community flourishes. We all have something to offer potential clients, we are confident in what can offer our clients, and we love helping other vendors grow their businesses!

We look forward to meeting new vendors, venues, and service professionals in the near future. Don’t be shy and reach out today! You can reach us at

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