Life of a Wedding Coordinator

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a wedding coordinator? While we love the beautiful weddings we bring to life, the breathtaking ceremonies, gorgeous tablescapes, unique designs, and beautiful decor, it can definitely be a lot of work at times. It can also be downright sticky, muddy, messy, and unattractive too. We wanted to share some of the funniest, wettest and dirtiest behind the scenes experiences from our past year.

1. The Wet Weekend – It was beautiful all week, with a chance of rain on Saturday. As the week progressed, weather apps and reports jumped all around with unsure forecasts for the weekend. Saturday morning the rain can and cleared and skies brightened up. Knowing the brides desires, Katie decided to call it and set up the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception outside only have the rain return. Blue skies all around, one group of clouds returned overhead. It started sprinkling as set up was finishing up. With only minutes leading up to the start of the ceremony, Katie was furiously wiped down seats and benches for guests to ensure they had as dry of a seat as possible. They say its good luck to have rain on your wedding day, so all the guest sat through a drizzly ceremony to ensure the bride had her perfect outdoor wedding. By the reception, all the rain cleared up! The property was rented through the weekend and the DJ was a family friend - they partied late into the evening!

2. The Standing Mishap – Protocol for the start of most ceremonies is the officiant will ask all guests to stand as the bride walks down the aisle, and after the bride and groom are joined at the altar, they will asks the guest to be seated. Well, this officiant must have been super excited to marry the couple! They completely forgot to ask all guests to be seated. They proceeded directly into the ceremony script, which was not short. On a warm and sunny day, it wasn’t almost until the vow exchange did they finally tell the guests to be seated. We tried every motion to grab the officiant’s attention. The guests didn’t notice or mind but we look pretty silly trying to motion everyone to sit down!

3. All Hands On Deck- One of our July weddings was our busiest wedding day! We arrived early to stock up on ice as the venue had no available ice onsite. While we don’t recommend this for a venue, with the right caterer this isn’t an issue that requires ice provided by couple. Upon arriving at the venue as early as opened to prep the bar, reception tables, cocktail space, kid’s tables, outdoor game area, and food tables, the bride arrived promptly at the time expected. However, she arrived early with a bus load of guests and the wedding party. Since the couple provided the alcohol, cocktail “hour” started upon their arrival and guests were quite thirsty. Jess stepped in to help bar tend for some time to keep the guests happy and keep the line down.

4. Plates, Cups, and Trash, Oh My! - When things get messy, we are there to clean it up! At one of our weddings the caterer didn’t bring trash receptacles and with no trash disposal on site, Katie and I needed to ensure we cleaned up the reception and cocktail spaces before the end of the night and as the clock ran out. Not only did this caterer not have trash receptacles but they also did not bring a staff to collect trash as guests ate and drank. As we progressed through cocktail hour and reception, Katie and I continued to clear empty plates and used cups. As clean up continued into the night, the venue had no available dumpsters, and all trash and left over items had to be removed that night. While we didn’t beat the clock getting off site on time, we did remove over 35 bags of trash off the venue property that night - including what the caterer should have removed. It wasn’t until 2:30am that we were able to dispose of the trash in a large public dumpster before heading home.

5. Broken Glass - We had just finished setting up the ceremony space with a beautiful aisle runner and lined the aisle with tall two foot vases filled with fairy lights – it looked beautiful! Guests started to arrive and proceed outside to the rooftop ceremony when upon sitting down, a guest accidentally knocked over one of the vases. While we asked guests to use the outside to approach the chairs, accidents happen. Upon more guests showing up and right before the bride was about to enter, two more vases were broken, and one was by a repeat offender, ugh!! You can imagine our frustration for the bride. Of course, we never told our bride before the ceremony – we spaced out the vases to look less uniform, moved them further from the chairs so hopefully no more would be broken, and with our quick action, you couldn’t even tell vases were missing! We know accidents happen, and thankfully no one was hurt.

6. If The Shoe Fits – During the rainy month of September we had a tented wedding all outside. It was a beautiful barn wedding, but that meant lots of hay and mud. When Katie arrived to begin setup for the day about an hour in, the sole of her shoe came loose! Still connected at the toe, the heel was flopping around. Although funny to see, she didn’t bring other shoes! We tried crazy glue, but all that got us was hay stuck to her shoe. Before guests arrived, she thankfully found a pair of flip-flops in the trunk of her car. Flip-flops are not our usual wedding attire, however as the reception continued into the evening, flip-flops turned into her saving grace. As it started pouring half way through the reception, the dance floor stayed dry and perfect for partying, but the back of the tent where breakdown and clean up needed to occur turned into a wet and very muddy puddle. The band was amazing, and everyone danced the night away paying no attention to the rain. Flip-flops were the perfect solution!

We have plenty more experiences to share, these are just some of our top fun, crazy, and wet wedding weekends we wanted to share with you. If you want to hear more stories, stop by our booth at any of our upcoming bridal shows in January! We would love to chat. Until then, shoot us a message for any information on wedding coordination for your big day!

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