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February is a short month but for couples who got engaged over the holidays, it may become a full fledged planning month. Many couples will begin visiting venues, picking a date, setting up vendor meetings, and some are just enjoying being engaged! As you begin to plan your wedding, start looking for tips and tricks. We wanted to share the top 5 trends we’ve noticed or have been asked about. Top 5 Trends: 1. Simple, elegant, and classic dresses: Having seen the dresses of our 2018 brides, and the dresses from Pinterest brides of 2019, the trend is all about simple, elegant, and classic. We are seeing less sparkle, tool, and ballroom gowns with long trains. We have noticed a swing towards the classic seeing more lace, soft whites, with an A-line or silhouette cut. The most important thing is to find the dress you love, but being aware of what is trending will help you know what to expect when visiting bridal boutiques and stores.

2. Naked/ statement cakes: Simple cakes with the naked look. What this means is less icing, buttercream and fondant and more flowers, cake, and light powdering. We really enjoy this trend. The cake type, favor, and filling become the highlights and less icing always means less calories! Naked cakes can show off the amazing cake flavor and the bakers talent. Naked cakes are the perfect blend of rustic and elegant and give each cake a unique look. Yes please! So in love with this trend. Can’t wait to see more naked cakes in 2019. 3. Long rectangular tables: Especially in the northern Virginia area, barns, wineries, and rustic spaces are very popular and often are used for reception spaces. For this trend, we have seen the preference shift to using long rectangular or farm style tables which is very inviting and inclusive for guests. Couple are also balancing the use of round and rectangle tables to meet guest and space requirements and its looks beautiful. Rectangle table provide less open table area for décor, but if you are keeping décor simple and playing off the beauty of your venue, rectangle table are the perfect option. Using a mix of rectangle and round tables lets you balance big table décor with simple accents. The perfect pair! 4. Short/ low table centerpiece: The shift to using long rectangular tables has brought back the popularity of low, dense, and elegant floral and candle focused centerpieces. We find fewer and fewer brides are electing for tall or large centerpieces with a lot of height and body. Depending on the style of table it does take away from the ability for all guests to interact at the table. 5. Use of mirrors:

Mirrors of all sizes are more commonly being used for signage and information. Most commonly, a large mirror is used for a welcome sign, table arrangements or dinner menu. We really love for this trend for a number of reasons. Mirrors brighten up a small space and provide an elegant and classic way to welcome guests. It reflects the lighting and life all around the room keep the wedding in main focus. It’s also environmentally friendly as there is less paper used for the overall wedding – let’s be honest, your guests don’t keep the menus after the night is over. Also, after the wedding is over, it’s a great decoration piece for your new shared home that will always have a special history. Looking to add a fun feature to your wedding, think about using mirrors for signage and much more! We realize trends come and go but we hope you will consider or find this article helpful when it comes to styling, decorating, and creating your wedding vision. Trends are a fun way to find inspiration or incorporate new and fun items into your wedding. Looking for some help decorating and designing your space come wedding day? Shoot us a message here:

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