Clearing Up Confusion

Often we get told that the venue has a wedding coordinator so we are not needed. We are always respectful of the fact that the venue might provide someone to help you coordinate some of the wedding day details but there is no guarantee that person will work on the big day, or be there for the whole event. We also often get asked, “what is the difference between a planner and a wedding day coordinator?” Well we are here to help you de-bunk this.

1. Hands on assistance from day one!

A planner is usually involved from the moment you get engaged and hire them. They often will even help you pick your venue. Most day of coordinators normally don’t get involved until a couple of months out after your venue is selected. At Completely Coordinate, we like to help as soon as you pick your venue. We want to recommend the best, most professional and affordable vendors to help compliment your day, and once we book a client we are at your service for guidance and questions. We work for you, to ensure your day is the best day ever. Different from Venue Coordinators, we handle ceremony, if not at reception location, and frequently visit your preparation location, just to check in!

2. Creation, tracking and managing of the budget.

Planners tend to be involved early on which allows them to help you define your budget, recommend ways to cut cost, propose alternate options and even keep you on track so as not to go over budget. Coordinators usually don’t help track the budget or manage the day to day expenses. With our team, we have the expertise and experience to help manage your budget from the start with a budget creation meeting. Budget tracking can be added to any package as an a la cart option for a nominal cost. From there we can help track expenses along the way, ensure you stay on budget, and get you the most for your money.

3. Attends vendor meetings, site tours and tastings.

Planners tend to build this in their package prices and will typically attend various tastings and vendor meetings with you. Most coordinators will let you schedule your own vendors meetings and won’t attend with you, allowing you to make your own decision unguided by their input.. When booking with Completely Coordinated, we love to refer you and put you in touch with great vendors. We only refer you to vendors that are in your budget and we can review your contracts before you sign for that extra piece of mind! Our goal is to balance exceptional service and assistance, with keeping our packages attractive to our clients!

4. Act as a wedding designer, assisting to develop wedding day designs and helps with all decor.

A planner can act as a wedding designer helping you define your style, keep your decor consistent throughout, and help you with those finer details throughout the day. Coordinators tend to be involved a lot less in defining your decor and style and mostly execute your designed vision come wedding day. For us, this is the part we truly enjoy and love being a part of! We value working with you to shape your decor and style, keeping it threaded throughout the whole wedding day. We offer unlimited communication and love looking at vision boards, Pinterest boards, and inspiration pictures to help you define and pull together all elements of your wedding day decor. The more we know about your wedding dreams, the better we can execute your unforgettable special day.

5. They usually have fewer clients throughout the year as they spend more time per client.

A planner tends to have fewer clients throughout the year since they spend more time on each client. Planners might have 8-10 weddings a year while a coordinator might have 15-20. Our goal is to fine the perfect balance ensuring we can provide the best customer service to each and every couple. We aim to be responsive, provide the guidance and support needed, and never want to only talk with clients weeks out from the big day.

Sometimes finding the right planner or coordinator can be tough. However, we offer the perfect mix of both. Need help with your big day? Whether the big day is over a year away or only a month out, we would love to help!

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