Newly Engaged? Yay!....What Now?

Recently engaged? Congratulations and we can help! Nationally most couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day. So if you have found yourself recently sporting some new amazing bling, let us help with some of the top 10 things to take note of: 1. Have a strategy for sharing the news with family and close friends: Getting engaged is crazy exciting, and we know it takes patience not to share with the world ASAP, but remember, it is very important to share the good news with immediate and close family and friends first. Many people will be very excited to hear the news but make a list of special people you should tell personally before it hits social media world. 2. When taking and posting pictures, remember to focus on the moment, the event, and the ring – not just the bling: When people hear the news they want to see where, how and with what to share in your excitement. The moment is as special as the ring that promises forever. Focus on sharing your happiness in the moment with social media, in addition to showing off the new sparkle. 3. Take the time to thank or respond to those congratulating you on social media or with personal notes: Many of the people you share the news with will have played some part in your relationship story. Always take time to say thank you to your family, friends, and acquaintances that take the time to write notes of congratulations. 4. Be prepared for intrusive questions: People will always want to ask those two uncomfortable questions – how many carats, and what did that cost? It’s going to happen so best to be prepared with a few answers you and your fiancé are comfortable with. “How many carats is that ring or how much did it cost?” can easily be handled with responses like, “I am not sure how much it was but I will love it forever” or “I am not sure but it’s perfect for us.” Never feel like you must share that information.

5. Stay consistent with invites: Be prepared and willing to invite anyone to your wedding that you invite to your engagement party and bridal shower. It is important to stay consistent with invites. We like to point this out because early in the planning it’s hard to forecast invites and guest list but it’s important to keep people included throughout the wedding celebration process. 6. Experts recommend hosting an engagement party 1-3 months after the proposal: We believe you should celebrate when you can. It’s more important to focus on celebrating the exciting milestone than postponing months out just to have the perfect party. Celebrate when you can, with the special people you want to celebrate with, and often closer to the proposal date allows for everyone to partake in you and your fiancé’s fresh excitement! 7. Engagement party time: Traditionally the bride’s parents host the engagement party. Today we say, allow whomever wants to help host the party, host the party! We see it all today. Some engagement parties are hosted by the couple themselves, close friends, parents, or a mix of some or all. It’s a celebration that many people want to be a part of so we say, go for it, let them all help you celebrate! 8. Wear whatever color you want to your engagement party: More and more brides are wearing colors outside of white to their engagement party. Focus on the moment and less about the perfect dress. That perfect white dress will come at the wedding! If you want to wear white because you are the bride, that’s perfect, but there is nothing wrong with wearing any of your favorite colors. You want to look and feel like your best self! 9. Make sure you get your ring sized and insured: We know the thought of being without your new ring, even if just for a few days, is torture! But unfortunately the new bling doesn’t always fit – as hard as they try to get it perfect. Sizing your ring is very important to ensure a safe and proper fit on your finger. Sizing and insuring are your next steps after the proposal. Getting the ring insured is very important to ensure coverage if the unspeakable happens - you lose or misplace ring, or it is stolen. 10. You need a date and venue to bring your wedding dream to life: After the proposal, when you are ready to start the planning process, do some wedding venue research. The first and most important step to your wedding planning journey is to set a date and pick a venue. Picking a date and venue allows you to envision the time of year, wedding style, perfect dress, and so much more! These two milestone decisions will start bringing your wedding dreams to life.

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