Wedding Planning Tips to Kick Off the New Year!

Happy New Year!! We are so excited for 2020 and ready to work with all of our 2020 couples! We were honored to close out 2019 working with 23 amazing couples. We traveled all over Virginia and Maryland, worked at many beautiful venues, and experienced weddings of all sizes and themes. To cap it all off, with the help of our past clients we even won the coveted Best Of Wedding Award from The Knot for the second year in a row!

The feeling we get when we pack up and head home for the evening knowing our couples had the best day, is why we love what we do! Looking ahead to 2020 we wanted to offer our top 5 wedding planning tips to kick off the New Year. Whether you are just engaged or into your wedding planning, we think you will find these tips very helpful.

1. Newly Engaged, Now what?: First, celebrate and enjoy the moment! Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy this wonderful life milestone before jumping into wedding planning. We suggest having a strategy for sharing the news with family and close friends before announcing it on social media. Once the news is announced on social media platforms, take the time to thank and respond to some of your congratulatory messages. Many of the people who reach out have played a role in life and they are happy to share this exciting moment with you. Don’t forget to get your ring sized and insured, this exciting moment comes with a very special piece of new jewelry; don’t forget to protect it. After all this you are ready to start your planning process.

2. Wedding Planning, Don’t Do It Alone: Being engaged and planning a wedding is a very exciting time, but spoiler alert - wedding planning can be stressful! We have a few helpful hints to make planning fun. Make planning a priority. Break it into chunks and book your tier 1 vendors early. Focus prioritizing rather than trying to do it all at once. As you move through the planning process, delegate and ask for help. Don’t expect to do it all and recognize that family and friends love to help and want to be a part of this special time. Identify what details are most important to you and focus on those, let others help with decisions and details you are more flexible with.

3. Set your Budget, Then Find Your Venue: It will get easier to figure out what venues work well for you from their sizing options and pricing if you know your budget. After getting engaged, take time to sit down with your parents and your partner and figure out what you can afford. It is important to discuss who will be paying for what items. Sometimes knowing how much things cost from venues, vendors, DJ, flowers and more can be hard, but that is where a coordinator like us comes in handy. We would love to help you set your budget and then offer some amazing vendor referrals so we can help you stay on budget. We even have the tools to help you track your expenses.

4. Get The Most Out Of Bridal Expos: For any newly engaged couple or bride heading to their first bridal expo, open house, or wedding trade show, we know it can be overwhelming and stressful. With so many vendors to check out, things to think about and decisions to make for your wedding day, there is a lot to take in. No matter where you are in your planning stage we recommend checking out the bridal events and open houses in your area. Before attending make a list of vendors/services you need, and are interested in. In addition to making a list, do some research prior to arrival on local businesses and average prices in your area. Knowing this will help you identify reputable companies with competitive prices. When you meet a vendor you like, spend some time with them, ask questions, let them get to know you. Vendors are more likely to work with you and offer better pricing if they feel you are genuinely interested in their services. Lastly, bring personalized stickers, think address labels. Most vendors will ask for you to fill out an information sheet, having pre-printed stickers with your name, potential wedding date, email, and phone number, it will save you from writing it many times!

5. Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator: Often we get told that the venue has a wedding coordinator so we are not needed. We also often get asked, “what is the difference between a planner and a wedding day coordinator?” While a wedding planners offer the hands on assistance from day one. As coordinators we still work collaboratively with you throughout the process without the hefty price tag. Also we love hearing the venue has a venue coordinator. While the venue coordinators work for the venue/house, wedding coordinators work for you, and not the venue. Your wedding coordinator will assist you on wedding day from the beginning starting with your ceremony if at another location, and stay through clean up at the end of the celebration. Wedding day coordinators and venue coordinators work together as great partners to ensure wedding success but they fill very different roles.

If any of these topics spark your curiosity or lead to additional questions, shoot us an email or website message! Our goal is to ensure everyone we work with and connect with is better prepared to take on wedding planning and conquer wedding day. After all, it should be your BEST DAY EVER!

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