Hidden Planning Stresses and Solutions!

Throughout your engagement, friends and family will be very excited for you. They are likely going to share how fun it is to try on wedding dresses, create a mood board, primp, and plan. They are definitely telling the truth, but they may leave out one simple thing, planning can also be stressful. It’s not uncommon for couples to face multiple anxieties while planning. Below are our top 5 common worries we hear from couples planning their wedding, and some solutions!

  1. Overcoming Distance: For most couples, their wedding venue is not around the corner, and for some, they plan from states away. Making the decision on venue location should align with what’s important and best for you. This major detail will be critical to managing wedding planning stress. The key to success is making appointments and vendor meetings over short bursts of wedding focused time. Having a detailed checklist, and assigning completion dates early helps relieve the stress of “just-in-time” coordination. Meeting in person with vendors early allows for more coordination over the phone as planning gets busier closer to the wedding day.

  2. Staying Organized: Many couples struggle to stay organized when planning because there is lots of paperwork. Contracts to review, daily/weekly tasks to complete and some things you don’t know to do yet. Lists and folders will be your best friend. Staying organized will be much easier with dedicated folders and notebooks for checklists, to-dos, notes, and contracts. Getting that fancy notebook that says Future Mrs. is as exciting as planning. Have fun buying some wedding themed organization tools, they will help keep everything together. Also look into using shared planning tools such as google docs, drop boxes, or work with planners that utilize online planning platforms such as Aisle Planner. Having the information in a shared digital space allows for your wedding party, family and vendors to all stay up to date and current on details.

  3. Pleasing Parents: Some couples are surprised by how hard it is to find a balance between what they want as a couple and what their families want. Most couples will feel the tug of making their parents happy or themselves at some point. Knowing where you are willing to compromise, or let family preference count, will be important to having the wedding of your dreams. Setting expectations early with your parents will help ease potential tensions later. Identify and ask what your parents value and be sure to share the areas you value and things that are important to you. Understanding wedding traditions and etiquette will also help you wade through the opinions and suggestions of family, helping you make decisions that are best for you.

  4. Different Visions: Many couples head into wedding planning without having previously discussed what their ideal wedding style, budget, and day would be like. Sometimes couples start on totally different pages when discussing themes, styles, details and more. A big part of the planning process is learning how to bring together two different visions into something that's not only cohesive and enjoyable for guests, but also takes elements of what you each love. Your wedding should represent you as individuals and as a couple. Executing a wedding day that incorporates details that make you you, your partner them, and you both as a couple, will be more meaningful than getting everything you thought you wanted.

  5. Staying on budget: Financial worries like paying for and staying on budget for your big day are concerns many couples have. Simply, setting a budget and sticking to it can be difficult. Creating your dream wedding involves many financial decisions and purchases - venue, caterer, dress, jewelry, invitations etc., and they all add up. Hidden costs also creep in affecting your bottom line. A trick we like to share is having a planned budget per vendor category as your goal for spending and then add or trim as needed to meet your overall target goal. Based on what vendors you choose, you will see saving some places, and increased costs in others. Having a plan will help you manage funds within all categories. The key to success is evaluating your trade-offs. The goal here is knowing what vendors are your highest priority and booking those first. Evaluate what vendors are most important and for those lower on the list, plan to select less expensive options. For example, guests on the dance floor is a must but you don’t care for large floral arrangements. To meet your priorities, splurge on a more expensive DJ you know will keep guests on the dance floor, but cut back on the floral budget using smaller bouquets or silk flowers.

Wedding planning is many things, but stressful shouldn’t be one of them! When you cross the finish line, you are married to your best friend. Keeping that in perspective will help you weather wedding planning storms. If you find yourself faced with wedding worries, remember every problem has a solution. Talk with previous brides, vendors, family, and friends and share your struggles. A solution is there. As coordinators, we offer a lot of tools to help with the above issues and can help bring down your stress levels on wedding day. Shoot us a message at weddings@completelycoordianted.com and let’s see how we can help you have an amazing wedding journey and a stress free wedding day.

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