Wedding Planning For The 21st Century

For most of our blogs we like to focus on specific topics that help all couples on their journey with wedding planners. As professionals,, we are always looking to find ways to help current and future clients with helpful topics and tid bits of information, and we love sharing. However, this month our focus will be slightly different. In this unprecedented time of social distancing, business closures, and stay at home orders we are proud and thankful to say we are leveraging technology like never before. While we have always incorporated technology into how we manage the wedding planning process, but now we feel it's important to share what we are doing to make your life easier and the wedding planning process a little stressful to manage.

So, for those potential clients who ask us, “What makes you different?”, one important part of our answer is the virtual platforms and tools we use in this new environment, but also because we know we can and have always wanted to incorporate technology into our process. Below we will highlight some of our tech elements:

  • Aisle Planner: The all in one collaborative wedding planning platform for you, your family, vendors, and of course your wedding planning team. We love this planning platform because all wedding elements are stored in one location and it is so easy to use! Aisle Planner has your timeline, checklists, seating chart, floor plan, guest lists, budget plan, vendor information and much more, all in one spot and available to share with anyone. The system also offers a tab for your design studio or inspirational board. This is a great tool for our couples to share their likes, inspirations, decor vision and theme ideas. From planning to execution, this tool has it all!

  • Get Placez: This augments reality wedding planning software brings your wedding day to life allowing you to view your décor and floor plan in 2D and 3D. Utilizing your venue’s floor plan we can help move your initial design ideas from conception to reality, helping you to make final decisions. With Get Placez our couples can visualize their wedding ceremony, cocktail, and reception spaces before our scheduled walkthrough. Bringing your rooms, layouts and objects to life's a breeze with Get Placez. Whether the goal is to view your décor in entirety or see how one object fits Get Placez lets us show our couples what reality would look like.

  • WedText: Wedding text messages perfectly complement all of your wedding events by bringing wedding communication into the future. This text messaging service keeps your guests, families, and wedding party informed of all important information and keeps your stress level at a minimum. With unlimited pre-scheduled wedding text reminders, no one will miss any wedding detail and you can reach your guests and wedding party with ease! And best part, there is no additional app required. You just need the cell phone number of your guests. Did we mention that you can communicate with over 300+ guests at once? WedText makes communicating with any group of people about any wedding related topic super simple.

  • Live Ceremony Streaming: Now more than ever, helping people feel connected is so important. Especially for those guests who can’t make it to the ceremony. Whether unable to travel, don’t want to travel, or deployed, we can ensure all guests can participate and feel part of the big day. We are able to provide a personalized mobile hotspot to our couples to allow for live streaming of their ceremony. The hot spot and WiFi are only provided to the couple’s immediate family so that guests aren’t able to tap into the network making streaming much easier. The best way to ensure your family and friends are able to share in your special day, is to provide a way for them to participate from afar.

We embrace the value and benefit the tools provide and we quickly introduce our couples to them during our onboarding process so we can hit the ground running. Our goal is for each couple to have their best planning experience possible, all leading to their best day ever. We also love these tools because they are so easy and convenient to use, they help reduce planning stress without adding technology stress. Each of these tools listed above are key elements to our packages. Some packages have more features than others so be sure to reach out to inquire what is included in each package. Dreaming of that stress free wedding? Reach out today and let us know when you are looking to get married. We can help you navigate the journey and add value through technology!

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