10 Things You Now Have Time For

Rarely do we meet couples who feel they had too much time to plan. As our couples are making the tough decisions to hold on to their selected date or to simply postpone their wedding date, we like to remind them of the silver lining - more time! Yes, one positive outcome is more additional time to plan and get to all those small things you didn’t have time for before.

So how can you use this extra time to have the wedding of your dreams if you decided to postpone?

Below we wanted to highlight some decisions our couples wished they spent more time on, or didn’t rush through. Whether you are just starting to plan or if your date has been postponed, you now have extended planning time!

1. Settling on a Dress: There are three tips we can give you: start dress shopping early, learn what YOU like, and pick the dress YOU love. During this time, take advantage of the extra time to shop around, try on multiple styles, colors, and silhouettes, and learn what you love and what makes you feel beautiful. Don’t be persuaded or pressured by friends or family opinion. This decision is for you and will be a huge part of your memories, and pictures. Also stay mindful of ordering times, and potential delays. Some dresses take 6 months to come in so be sure to lay your timeline out allowing for extra-long shipping times.

2. Enjoy the Process: Wedding planning can be daunting but most brides will tell you, they regret not being a part of the decisions and planning. Look at planning as an adventure for you and your partner and a fun activity for those closest to you. In a time where connection and relationship are so important, what is better than focusing on love! Don’t do it alone, and stay involved. Be involved with the entire process and embrace the experience rather than just go through the motions. The outcome will be even more fulfilling!

3. Registry Plans: Brides love the idea of scanning everything in sight at their favorite store, you will save yourself the disappointment of wanting a registry do-over if you take the time to think through it first. Also make sure you register for items at multiple price points. Another suggestion we always share is register at multiple places. Take advantage of registry events, free gifts, and special discounts that come with registering with different stores.

4. Venue choice: For couples early in the planning stages, postponing the date allows more time for venue selection. When choosing a venue, it’s important you find the one that feels right, fits your wedding style, and is within your budget. However, we suggest considering two other variables – sufficient space for the amount of guests, and a rain plan you love (almost) as much as your outdoor plan. If you’re planning for an outdoor event, rain is a game-changer. Think of the deposits as an investment in your peace of mind. If you are having a larger wedding ask the venue if they have had a wedding that size before, and view pictures. You want your wedding to feel chic and elegant not packed in. Overcrowding makes meal service and dancing difficult, and it really inhibits the guest experience. One trick, ask your venue how many attendees can comfortably fit, then reduce that by 10%.

5. Available Information: Many of our couples wished they provided or received more information. Options for stationary are plentiful and setting up your website takes time. Since both are great ways to provide information to guests, use the time now to design your stationary and website or revamp your website to share new information and your excitement. Your guests will enjoy “meeting” your wedding party through your website and seeing what to expect for the big day. Utilize your website for those out of town guests to make them feel valued. Provide them with restaurant suggestions, things to do, clear directions, travel times during different points of the day, hotel block information, and all the things you would appreciate as a guest. Your guests may not know the locale like you do.

6. Take the engagement photos: Not all couples opt for engagement photos, maybe due to schedule or budget constraints. Now that you extra time to save and take photos, we suggest taking engagement photos Often couples regret choosing to skip them and it’s great for building a relationship with your photographer and getting comfortable taking photos!

7. Leverage tools at your disposal: There are so many wedding planning tools these days. Don’t be afraid to dive in and see what options and tools could help in the planning process. From communication tools like Wed Texts to checklist and comprehensive timeline tools on Aisle Planner or Timeline Genius, see what’s out there, and maximize technology to keep your planning on schedule.

8. Be in the moment: Don’t forget to celebrate what brought you together. Focus on the here and now and not necessarily getting to the finish line, especially if it’s moving around due to circumstance. Similar to the engagement photos, if you opted not to have an engagement party, consider a get together to celebrate your impending union. Take this time to celebrate the small joys and milestones with friends and family and cherish the journey to your big day.

9. Focus on Saving: Weddings are already stressful enough, don’t add budget troubles to your worries. Take advantage of this time to find other ways to cut back or save a little extra cash for the big weekend. These extra funds could help cover additional flowers, more experiences on your honeymoon, dress alterations, or cover a vendor you thought you couldn’t afford.

10. Really interview your vendors: As you select vendors, or reschedule with vendors, make sure to receive information and interview vendors before you select, or request updated information from vendors you already selected. With more time comes the availability to book vendors you didn’t have time to book before. Work with your vendors to get detailed contracts laying out all the details so everyone is on the same page moving forward and on wedding day. When working with vendors, get everything in writing. The person who promised you something might be long gone by the time your wedding comes around. Check that your contracts include everything agreed to and promised, aligned information is critical to successful execution of you wedding vision.

As our couples are making the tough decision to hold on selecting a date or to postpone from their selected date we remind them of the silver linings. Value this extra time to plan and make decisions that will ultimately lead to the wedding of your dreams! Start with focusing on the 5 areas above and make decisions that are perfect for you! If you need help navigating this extra time, shoot us a message and we will be glad to help! Reach out to us at weddings@completelycoordinated.com

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