Rehearsal: Practice Makes Perfect

When we first meet with our clients, often one of their first questions is “Can you help us by running rehearsal the night before?” Our answer is always YES! And we do it for free. We value the importance of rehearsing and practicing with you the night before, and we want to be there to help out and run the rehearsal to ensure every couple is aware and prepared for the wedding day. Because of this, running your wedding rehearsal is included in EVERY package we work. So why rehearse:

  1. To ensure the wedding party is prepared. While most wedding party members (bridesmaids and groomsmen) have been in a wedding before or married themselves, each event is a little different. Ensuring all attendants know where to enter and exit, and the flow of the ceremony will be different with each venue and couple. Your coordinator will use this practice time to ensure all the little details are understood such as - who is holding the rings, when to pass them to the officiant, how to carry your bridal bouquet, and where to stand once down the aisle. Awareness to all these small details make the ceremony flow flawlessly.

  2. To ensure all participants know their role. For a successful ceremony, it is important readers, speakers, persons passing out programs, and ushers helping guests to their seat, know their role. Practicing calms nerves and gives them confidence they know their role, how to perform it, and ensures they move, stand, and/or speak at the right time and with the right queue. The review of all of these roles is usually only a quick conversation but it is super important and will ensure a smooth ceremony flow. Rehearsal can also help ring bearers and flower girls be at ease on ceremony day. They meet everyone, get excited, and see the space prior to walking down the aisle on wedding day.

  3. So the couple knows what to expect. There are many moving parts to a wedding ceremony and all have special elements to make it personal. It helps put the couple’s mind at ease to practice what actions they will take throughout the ceremony - when to hold hands, when to pass off the bouquet, which way to face, where to stand, and how to move to perform any action needed. Whether the officiant comes or not, rehearsal is the dry run before the big day so instead of worrying the couple can just enjoy the moment.

  4. So the vendors know what to expect. While the rehearsal is almost always for the couple and other individuals in the wedding, it is also provides valuable information the the vendors. Practicing in the space helps visualize where the photographers can get the best angles, where the officiant should stand for spacing, where the DJ should set up his/her table and so the coordinators can help queue in the wedding party, family and couple on wedding day. Traditionally only the coordinators are present on rehearsal night so it is essential to have a coordinator who is willing to work with all vendors and communicate any rehearsal information so all are ready on wedding day.

  5. To ensure all ceremony items are planned for. As you can see now, a ceremony isn’t as simple as walking down the aisle and kissing each other at the end. It involves a greater plan, highlighting all the small details and ceremony needs. Rehearsal identifies when a table is needed for a special ceremony, and where programs will rest for easy passing or grabbing as guests arrive. Rehearsal is also the final check to confirm all needed items are accounted for and at the venue. These small logistics add up and can be navigated with your coordinator or planner ahead of time to guarantee a smooth ceremony on wedding day.

When booking your venue, it is important to confirm they have availability the day before to accommodate rehearsal. Rehearsal is NOT something to forgo. Officiants are not required to attend rehearsal so we suggest when booking a coordinator, you ask them, as we are often asked, if they run rehearsal. If you are currently looking for a coordinator, we would love to help out! We have run over 100 rehearsals and would love to help run yours to ensure your ceremony on wedding day is flawless and fun. Not to mention stress free. Shoot us a message at, we look forward to chatting with you!

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