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What's the difference between a coordinator and a planner?
The amount of time and hands-on assistance a professional provides through the process.
The complexity of that assistance also defines whether you are looking for a coordinator or a planner. We aim to be a nice blend of planning services at coordination prices!


Will you handle vendor consultations and contracts?

While we won't book your vendors for you, we will make sure you are prepared for your calls, help answer any questions and will be happy to review all vendor proposals and contracts - especially before you sign - to ensure you have a sanity check.


Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

We sure do! We can provide you with any vendor referral or recommendation you ask for and will be happy to tailor our recommendations to your style and budget.


How do you deal with wedding day disasters?

We promise something will go wrong on wedding day, but rest assured we are here to solve any problem that comes our way - from weather and unruly guests to transportation issues, electric problems or late vendors. We are quick on our feet and strive to minimize the stress you guys experience to ensure your focus is on having an amazing wedding. 


How do we reserve our date?

The first step is to have a free consultation with us (click the button below!) so we can get to know you and learn about your day. Then, we require a retainer with a signed contract and credit card authorization form to reserve your wedding date.

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